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Throughout the past year, Jersey City Philharmonic Orchestra (JCPO) has been planning a K-Pop concert, which will be held in Liberty State Park, one of America’s historically symbolic sites for immigration. Liberty State Park spans 1,212 acres, which is more than 900 times the size of the standard American football field! Liberty State Park is located in Jersey City, which is known as America’s “Golden Door” for its proximity to Ellis Island, one of the busiest early sites for immigration. 

Below is a letter from the city of Jersey City officiating K-Pop Day. Also, below is a letter from a Korean ambassador of the United Nations embracing Jersey City’s K-Pop day. 

Jersey City announced the “K-Pop Proclamation Concert.” While COVID-19 delayed JCPO’s progress in preparing the concert, the concert is now coming soon.


Robert W. Rodriguez


Liberty State Park

Philip Arrigo

Program Specialist

Christine Goodman

Director, Jersey City Office of Cultural Affairs

We love classical music! 

We embrace all music, including pop!
We love people who love music!

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